Queens Consultation Center, LLC

The Queens Consultation Center, LLC is a multidisciplinary mental health service.  Our staff is comprised of Psychiatrists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers who provide psychotherapy and psychiatric services including psychotropic medication.  All of our clinicians are highly trained, board certified and licensed to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to the treatment of patients' individualized needs.  We are also multilingual, as our clinicians are fluent not only in English, but also Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.


Consultation services provided at QCC include individual, group, marital and family therapy, psychiatric diagnostics, psychopharmacology, and specialized services for children, including play therapy and behavior modification.  We provide services to wide and diverse populations, so whether you or a family member are struggling with either a serious mental illness such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, or are just looking for some guidance through a life crisis, we are here to help.


Our offices are centrally located near public transportation, are wheelchair accessible, and consultation services are offered in a professional and private environment.  Most major insurances are accepted, and there is no waiting list.  All referrals are expedited in a timely fashion ensuring a seamless continuity of care.  It is our mission to provide you with expert care in keeping with our tradition of empowering patients to lead more productive lives.  Call us for an appointment at (718) 459-1225.  Our hours of operation are Mon - Fri, 9 am - 10 pm, and Sat, 11am - 3 pm.